An end to onanism

Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten.I love my wife, C, and I definitely do not want to cause her distress or upset her. However, I also enjoy sex and I was quite certain that I wanted to, at least, experiment with male chastity and orgasm control. C has a fairly “vanilla” attitude to sex but my gut reaction was that this could be a “kink” that she would enjoy if she gave it a chance. The problem I faced was introducing the subject without frightening her to death or inducing the kind of reaction one might see in someone who had been asked to take a healthy sniff of a fresh dog turd. Let’s face it, asking your partner to imprison your todger in a plastic cage and act as a prison warden for the little fellow is not your average request.

I needed to proceed with care and introduce the subject gently. I accept that this may sound manipulative but, in my defence, I did intend to be completely truthful with C and, remember, we had a pretty stagnant sex life at this point so anything like orgasm control/enforced chastity was a significant departure from our norm.

I started the process by raising the subject of masturbation with C. Did she ever masturbate when I wasn’t around? Unsurprisingly, she did but not very often. This led to a discussion of my masturbatory habits and I think she was a bit surprised that I was getting a grip on things quite so regularly. We discussed the fact that our sex life had slowed down and I told her that I had considered stopping masturbating as it reduced my sex drive. C was pretty clear that she wanted me to stop; her feeling was that it was a bit like cheating on her. I agreed and promised that I would not masturbate without her permission but warned her that I might turn into a horny old dog.

I kept (and have continued to keep) my promise to C. For the last month (at the time of writing), taking one off the wrist has become a matter of historical interest only. The effect on me was interesting: I certainly became more horny and interested in sex with my lovely wife but I also found I was appreciating her more in an everyday sense. I don’t want to give the impression that I suddenly felt that I had to put on a ‘pinny and pamper to her every need: I didn’t. It’s more that touching her or even looking at her gave me a feeling similar to the way I felt when we first started seeing each other. I looked forward to seeing her when she got home and loved to hug her or give her a kiss.

While this state of affairs was definitely an improvement, I still had a burning desire to take things further and introduce the concept of male chastity and orgasm control.

To be continued…

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