I even did the ironing.

I hate ironingBy the time day 5 came around I was in a state of constant background arousal. C’s teasing postponement of (I thought) an agreed release had ramped up my arousal levels considerably. My mind was fixed firmly on one track that involved C’s naked body, myself and our pet llama (OK, I lied about the llama).

Unfortunately, Sunday is the day that C takes our son to see his Grandparents and play with his cousins and they do not return until late evening. This left me with a whole day to stew in erotic juices and stew I did. The temptation to bring up some porn and bash the bishop was considerable but the thought of C naked and urging me on was overwhelming and I had little trouble rejecting the temptations offered by the internet pornmeisters.

The problem was filling in the time until they returned. I tidied the house, cooked dinner and, with time still to spare, I even did the fucking ironing! If you knew how much I loathe ironing it would give you some idea of the parlous state I was in. Cooking, cleaning, washing, I can cope with quite happily but ironing I hate so I can only explain what happened by reference to my throbbing state of arousal. Not only did I do the ironing, I even ironed her knickers, every pair, really carefully!

By the time C returned, I was like a dog in heat. Once the boy was safely asleep we repaired to bed. C snuggled up.

“Have you been a good boy?”

“Yes, really good.”

“You even did the ironing, I think you deserve some fun.”

“Oh God! Look, I should warn you I’ll probably come in about a nanosecond.”

“Don’t you worry about that. Your job is to kiss every inch of my body and then make sure I come. Afterwards, we’ll see about you.”

I doubt that a task has ever been undertaken with the enthusiasm I displayed and I was rewarded shortly afterwards by hearing C groan in ecstasy as she pulsed against my tongue.

C lay back panting. “That was lovely.” Then she whispered, “Would you like to come inside me?” and she raised her knees inviting me in.

I came, I came with muscle clenching, spine tingling intensity. I filled her and came, pleasure coursing through me, electrifying, intense.

Afterwards we cuddled.

“Well, I may not be having as many orgasms as I was but, if they’re like that, it’s a worthwhile payoff.”

“And I”, C laughed, “I intend to enjoy myself. So prepare yourself.”

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