Mind or machine

Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity - DaliThose of you who have been following this blog since it started, in early September, will know that I asked my wife, C, to lock me into a male chastity device and throw away the key take control of my ability to orgasm. C agreed to do this but is unsure about the necessity for a device. Her view is that I should be able to use will-power alone to keep my hands off my cock her property unless she allows it. She has agreed to get a CB 6000 in a few weeks time but, until then, it’s mind over masturbation for me.

C is not alone in feeling that will-power should be sufficient; a recent post, at Informed Consent (a BDSM forum) asking about male chastity devices led to the following response from a professional dominatrix:

Why not just do as your dominant tells you and not touch?!

It’s now been about a month since C agreed to take control and the longest I have been denied, so far, is one week. I have been tempted, on a couple of occasions, to take matters into my own hands but, frankly, I’m enjoying the change in myself, C and in our relationship and it hasn’t been too difficult to resist temptation. Why, then, do I still long to be physically locked up? A device would appear to have many disadvantages over will-power and some do cause me concern.

1. Hygiene
This is a biggie for me. I like to keep the nether regions scrupulously clean. You could eat your lunch a small snack off my bits and pieces with nary a worry about hygiene. I can’t believe that Q-tips and soap will do the trick when applied via the vents in the CB 6000, especially as I’m uncut. The plan, at the moment, is for me to get up a bit earlier, for C to unlock me to have a shower (door open so she can check I’m not up to shenanigans) and clean the device prior to being locked up again before she showers.

2. Urination
I’m a bloke: I stand up to pee. It would appear that this will become a thing of the past when that padlock clicks shut. Normally, I would imagine that this will not be a huge problem (women seem to manage OK) although the queues for cubicles at busy events could prove tiresome and “popping behind a tree” on the way back from the pub may be extremely tedious. Also issues with hygiene – how easy is it to rinse off any excess? We don’t want the delightful odour of ammonia following us around.

3. Comfort
By all accounts, these devices take a bit of getting used to and a bit of fiddling with rings and spacers to get a good fit. That’s OK, I can cope with that. I’m less enamoured of the idea of night-time erections pulling everything forward and leading to terrible pain in the testicular region. I’m also a tad concerned about bits of the jolly old foreskin getting trapped in the vents of the CB 6000. It’s actually rather difficult to find much about the possession of a foreskin and the use of these devices so I would appreciate any information from the armies of the uncut.

4. Visability
I am not in the slightest bit ashamed of my urge to sport a cock trap but I don’t particularly wish it to become the talk of the town. One sniff of something like this (ammoniacal or not) and the “Yummy Mummies” on the school run would be awash with gossip. I don’t really want to replace all of my trousers with baggy daddy jobs either. I guess this is a wait and see issue.

5. Lost keys
Not so much of a problem with the plastic devices but this would be a nightmare.

6. Cost
These devices are expensive. Even the plastic CB 6000 runs to about £100 and the steel belts can be many hundreds of pounds.

With all of these potential disadvantages, why do I long for the click of the padlock? The answer lies in one word: control. The exquisite mental torment of knowing that control of my genitals is in C’s hands and that there is nothing I can do about it. At the moment, I could, if I wished, cheat. I won’t but I could. The knowledge that C controls the situation ramps everything up a notch. Why should this be? I don’t know but let’s not forget that the brain is the most powerful sex organ.

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5 Comments on “Mind or machine”

  1. Tim in the USA Says:

    Most of your story so far sounds a lot like my own. I’m currently 48, but I approached my wife about 10 years ago pretty much the same way you did, with a letter and a book (different book back then). I however had a CB-2000 already in hand.

    My take on your situation is that so far you haven’t asked your wife for anything that threatens her, and I suspect that locking you up does, that’s why she’s resisted. She sees your lack of masturbation as something good and even her controlling your release as something natural, but the introduction of a device into all of this crosses the boundary into something kinky.

    Here are a couple of recommendations; there’s another book currently in print that may offer your wife more information on all this titled “Uniquely Rita”. Also, I think you’ll be surprised at what you get out of being locked. Being locked puts her 100% in-charge which will truly change you and your behavior. In your current arrangement this isn’t the case, you still have access and control. When you can’t touch and can’t get off it’s all different, a game becomes real life. In the beginning you’ll actually lose sleep over your decision to give her this power over yourself and like a few others of us, you’ll wonder what the heck you did!

    I think you have a battle ahead with this but if you’re a submissive and serving her is your goal, then it’s a battle you have to fight.

    Best of luck, I’ll be reading your posts.


    • acaptivatedman Says:


      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

      I can understand why you think C may feel threatened by the device but, actually, her concerns are more pragmatic. We have talked quite a lot about this and she’s more bothered by things like hygiene, visability and most particularly that my son isn’t aware of, or affected by his dad wearing a “thing” on his penis. I should probably write a post about C’s view on things in more detail since, obviously, one only gets tiny snapshots on the blog.

      I think if those fears are overcome she will be quite OK about the idea. We are still enjoying playing with voluntary chastity (which she loves!) so I’m not in a rush.

      How did your wife react when you approached her, device in hand?



  2. Tim in the USA Says:

    Hey Peter,

    My wife’s reaction was like most other………………..a heck of a lot of disbelief. My fault, it came out of the blue and hit her like a 2×4 across the forehead. I kind of dropped a lot on her which was stupid on my part. Not only did I want her to lock me up, but to her surprise I was submissive and wanted her in the Domme role. Over the years she’s engaged and disengaged in all this, but I’ve tried to keep constant on my end. Since the first night with my letter and book, I’ve kept to being submissive and remind her of that often.

    As for the device…….as you’ll read there’s no perfect one out there. I think the 2000 and 6000 are probably your best bet. Both hide fairly well under pants like Dockers and jeans. There’s a small bulge, but as someone else pointed out to me, who’s going to look down there and ask about it? Hygiene’s not all that bad………..there’s enough spacing that a shower helps a lot. You need to keep up some level of lubrication, so there’s always a small film of oil, but it’s not bad……you don’t walk around leaking. If your son has a tendency to jump on you or sit in your lap then you have an issue. Thumper had a good observation when he switched from a clear device to a solid colored one………it makes a difference when you can no longer actually see you little friend!


  3. thumper Says:


    While it’ll never be as clean while encased as it is while free, it’s not terribly hard to keep it as clean as possible. Kept For Her sells some cleaning supplies, the most important of which is the wash bottle with the angled tip:


    I use that, filled with a solution of antibacterial soap diluted with warm water to clean out the tube once or twice a day.

    Getting out after a while in there does require a moment to properly clean all the areas not easily reached. A few minutes with a washcloth over the sink does the trick.


    I found, with a little practice that urinating vertically was easily accomplished. I am circumcised, though, so YMMV. Once I got my PA piercing, though, I found it impossible to pee while standing. Too many holes, not enough access to line then all up.


    It takes a while to find the right combination of spacers and rings and then, over time, I found the “proper” fit changes over time as my body adjusted and changed. What I wear now would have killed me that first night. By far, the worse moments at the beginning are the nocturnal erections. However, I now find that I quite enjoy the feeling of so thoroughly filling the device. There’s little or no pain at this point, though the sensation is intense enough that I can’t fall back asleep until I pee and the stiffness subsides a little.


    With the proper pants, this is nearly a non-issue. It’s much more noticeable while sitting. Just standing about or while walking, it’s practically invisible.

    Lost keys:

    Always have a back up. Otherwise, not worth worrying about.


    I agree that the cost is fairly high for a “toy” but the CB6K is the best investment I’ve ever made in my relationship and sex life.

    I go on (and on) at much greater length regarding these topics on the CB-6000 Tips and Tricks page on my blog:


    I’m sure you’re aware of it, but a little self-promotion never hurt anyone, right?

  4. acaptivatedman Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I had seen your Tips and Tricks page and very useful it is too.

    Self-promotion, not a problem.

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