Your fetish is not my fetish and I really hate your fetish

Ironing - just say noI’ve been around for a fair few years now and I continue to be fascinated by the things that can turn people on. I really thought that I had seen it all when it came to peoples’ kinks so it was a great surprise to discover that a surprising number of men and women are into a “kink” that I had never heard of. How I managed to be oblivious to the idea of male chastity and orgasm control is quite beyond me, especially as it had such an instantaneous and powerful appeal.

Well, I’ve discovered another that is new to me and I thought I’d share it.

Some days ago I posted a piece called I even did the ironing. It was basically about distracting myself from serious horniness by doing a job I loathe: ironing clothes. One of the tags I attached to this post was the word “ironing”.

One of the rather nice features of WordPress is the dashboard. This is the control panel behind the blog which allows the author to do all sorts of fun things, most of which are still a mystery to me. One of the things the dashboard does is allow you to see what people have been looking for that has led them to your blog. To my surprise, one enterprising kinkster had arrived by searching for “Ironing Fetish”. He/She must have been seriously disappointed.

Unbelievable, another fetish I had never heard of. Off to Google we go. Oddly enough there do not seem to be a great many sites devoted to those with an ironing fetish but it certainly exists. Here’s a rather sad lady who wanted some help to re-engage her husband.

I have an steam ironing fetish which, for me, involves my husband’ active sexual participation whenever he sees me doing it. However, lately he doesn’t seem overly interested and I’m thinking that maybe he’s bored with me. The problem is that I’ve always really really enjoyed the seductiveness of my fetish with him and other men in the past, which is a turn-on for me.

My mind boggles a little at the thought of her husband’s active sexual participation. What does he do? Roger her senseless from behind as she presses his cuffs or, perhaps, she likes to steam press his trousers while he is wearing them. Either way, surely you would never get the seams straight.

I’m really not laughing at this lady; if your idea of fun times is imprisoning your genitals in a cage then it is wise to keep an open mind. People are fascinating.

Disclaimer: If you have an ironing fetish, I would like to make it clear that I am really OK with it. I just hate ironing. Come to think of it, if you have an ironing fetish, get in touch. We may be able to help each other out.

Edit: Clearly I’m a beginner. List of fetishes.

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3 Comments on “Your fetish is not my fetish and I really hate your fetish”

  1. hersforever Says:

    I had to laugh at this post — I, too, hate the ironing! In fact, the iron we got as a wedding present is still sealed in its original package, and next month we will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary!

    The fetishes people enjoy really are astounding though. Sometimes all I can do is remind myself, “It takes all kinds,” and walk away.

  2. acaptivatedman Says:

    Eight years with no iron! Man, you’re my new role model.

  3. haydn Says:

    hi ive been happily married for 33years and have enjoyed a ironing fetish with my partner,we do this fetish occasionally maybe every few weeks,she covers me in a few towels then actually uses me as her ironing board,by the time shes finished her last items ive got such a hard hot erection then we have great sex

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