A natural Domme.

I have some concerns.So, how are things going chez Captivated Man? Well, we are continuing to play with chastity and orgasm control and, rather to my surprise, C really enjoys it. I asked her how she felt after the initial “you’re a bit of a weirdo” moment and found that she rather relishes control.

C has no problem at all with the denial part of the equation and is pretty sanguine about the pampering, foot-massage, being-fed-chocolates conclusions. If she has a problem, it’s the tease bit. C is not a natural Domme. I say this but then find myself re-considering. Actually, I think she is a natural Domme, she just hasn’t had the practice.

Yesterday morning (day 5 of denial for me) we were snuggling in bed and I was getting frisky. C has a really nice bod and being pressed up against it was having the effect you might expect. The alarm went and she got up to have a shower. Normally, she would just disappear and return with a towel wrapped around her hair before getting dressed. Not this morning.  She stood at the side of the bed looking at me with a smile on her face.

“Come back to bed for a minute”


She then performed, what I can only describe, as a striptease. Considering she only had a pair of pyjamas on, it was incredibly erotic and left me gasping. She finished with a wiggle of her bottom and said, “You can look, but don’t think you’re touching”, laughed and went off to her shower.

Little things can be astonishingly stimulating when you are “denied”. This evening, when we were eating dinner with our son, I suddenly felt C’s hand run gently over my balls. It probably lasted 3 seconds and would not have been noticed by the most eagle-eyed observer but it left me rock-hard for an hour or more.

Since it’s now day 6 and she usually relents within 7 days, I’m hoping for an entertaining evening. Having said that, C was musing earlier about extending denial for two weeks. She looked at my (stricken) face and said that she thought that was too long for me “at the moment”.

“At the moment” is causing me some concern.

Update: Nothing happened. She’s going for a full week of denial but she did say she had “something planned” and it was going to take a bit of preparation!

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