A prophesy fulfilled

Stockings, mmmmm.I must be prescient. The day after writing “A natural Domme” I discovered what C had planned.

I was lying in bed contemplating an end to seven days of denial and wondering why C was taking so long in the bathroom when the bedroom door opened and a fantasy figure strode into the room. C was taking so long because she was getting changed into full-on, femdom garb.

Now, I appreciate a good cliché as well as the next man but, I can tell you, when a beautiful lady in a black basque, stockings, g-string and high-heeled shoes is standing astride you, it has a remarkable effect on the hormones and general attentiveness.

A stern, don’t-mess-with-me voice asked, “And what exactly are you going to do for me, little boy?”

I’m not going to go into the details of exactly what it was I found I could do for her. Suffice it to say that a good time was had by all. We did discover that high heels are not perfect bed wear, despite what the porn merchants would have you believe. I also discovered that I have rather more of a foot fetish than I had previously thought.

Afterwards C told me she had been looking for a black whip to complete the ensemble. I think that might have finished me off but (ahem) there’s always next time!

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2 Comments on “A prophesy fulfilled”

  1. Billus Says:

    Good for you! And were you suitably rewarded for your week-long wait?

    • acaptivatedman Says:


      I had a great time. I think the fact that C had put the effort into thinking about what would turn me (or just about any heterosexual male)on was actually the best part of the evening. I was worried that I was imposing my wishes on her but last night told me that she is having fun with this. She relished being the “Femdom Queen” for a night. I really couldn’t be more delighted (or, frankly, more knackered at the moment).

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