Tease and…

Betty PagePhew, it’s been a long nine days. For nine days I have been denied, spurned, neglected, bereft. Now it’s over and, man, was it worth it.

It was one of those weeks when we were both just collapsing into bed at the end of each day, too tired for anything other than a quick kiss and sleep. As the week went by, I started feeling like a little more than a peck on the lips but things just didn’t pan out that way. By the time we were hitting day nine, I was getting desperate and increasingly determined that C and I would do more than just cuddle even if I had to superglue her eyes open. Things were looking good: C made a teasing remark as she left for work and the old hormones started kicking in.

Then, at lunchtime, tragedy struck. C rang me to ask if I could take some tampons to her place of work. She thought she was about to start her period.

This, my friends, was very bad news. C has no interest at all in matters sexual when she’s “up on blocks”. I can’t say I blame her as she gets really unpleasant cramps and generally has a pretty bad time for five days. I’m lucky that she doesn’t turn into the PMT monster but it’s not a lot of fun for her.

From my selfish point of view, it was going to push anorgasmia to two whole weeks; a little longer than I had in mind right now. Oh well, it would be a test of willpower and fortitude. Mentally girding my loins, I prepared for the desert of denial.

We climbed into bed last night and I picked up my book to read for ten minutes. C’s hand crept over and her fingers gently cupped my balls. “False alarm” she said. “I haven’t started yet.”

She then proceeded to give me the most teasing hand/blow job I think I have ever had. Some time ago I showed C a video of Klixen giving one of her incredible hand jobs (NSFW) and C had decided to try the technique out. As a technique, I have to say, it’s a winner. C slowly and relentlessly brought me to the edge of orgasm then, just as I was on the very brink of coming, she looked me in the eyes, took her hands off my cock and said “I think that will do for tonight”.

I was absolutely gutted. I think I whimpered and I must have looked as pathetically desolate as I felt because she laughed and pulled me onto her. As I entered her she whispered “You ought to watch what you wish for. Next time I’m not going to take pity on you”.

It was fantastic.

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