Oh Fuck!

Two things have happened today.

1. We have ordered the CB 6000 from Tickleberry.

2. C has informed me that she has told one of her friends that she controls when I orgasm.

I’m going to go and contemplate my future life.

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4 Comments on “Oh Fuck!”

  1. Tom Allen Says:

    Personally, I don’t quite get what people see in telling their friends or family about their intimate sexual behavior.

    I mean, I know that the risk of being discovered can make something hot, but outright telling somebody isn’t discovery.

  2. acaptivatedman Says:

    It’s not quite as stark as I portrayed it. The friend is having marital problems that seem to (at least partly) involve the fact that her husband masturbates like a man possessed.

    Oddly enough, I find it quite hot that she knows. Mind you, she is very discreet so I don’t have any concerns that I’ll be the talk of the town. C hasn’t mentioned anything about “devices” which, I guess, would make most people stretch their eyes.

    I don’t know about Mrs Edge but C has a small group of very close friends who discuss just about everything, including highly personal stuff that men don’t ever seem to talk about with their friends. C refuses to dismiss the possibility that she will tell them what we have been doing. I think this is a mindfuck (she’s getting good at that) but, again, I find it very hot that I’m never going to really know.

  3. Tim in the USA Says:


    I have to know……which 6000 did you go with?

    This will be good for you……….there’s the honor system and then there’s locked!


    • acaptivatedman Says:

      Hi Tim,

      The clear version. C didn’t like the others. She’s still a bit unsure about the whole device idea but most of her concerns are actually about me having a hard time (cleaning, hygiene, discomfort etc). I think she changed her mind when I pointed out that these were potential issues but they were my issues and I WANTED her to do this.

      The trouble is: she is getting into the whole thing much more than I thought she would and I find myself becoming nervous. I love it at the moment but I really have no idea where we will be in a year’s time.

      I think this is probably a good thing but I’m still nervous.

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