Anniversary plans

Handing over the keyIt’s been four days since the CB 6000 arrived and I’m doing OK with it. The first day I wore it from midday and slept in it. Surprisingly, I slept very well and didn’t have a problem with painful night erections. I did get an erection at about five in the morning but it just felt like I was being squeezed – quite pleasant rather than painful.

Since then, I’ve had it on all day but taken it off before bed. The second night I removed it because I was finding it tiresome. For some reason I just couldn’t get it comfortable. The third night C removed it – I think she was feeling kind because nothing sexual happened at all.

I’m finding it OK to wear: most day-to-day activities are fine although I am, pretty much, constantly aware of the CB. It feels like there’s a weight attached to the bits and bobs, which, of course, there is. Bending tends to push everything up into the abdomen which can be uncomfortable – putting on my shoes is a trial.

I think C is getting used to it. She is quite happy to click the lock every morning which makes me feel very subby. She is not yet in charge of the key because I want to get used to wearing the CB and I’m not completely comfortable yet. I’m considering giving her the key on Thursday as it’s our wedding anniversary and I’ve booked a surprise meal at her favourite restaurant. I’ve also managed to palm our son off on his best friend’s parents for a sleepover so we’ll have the house to ourselves. To top it all, it will be day 10 of denial by then which is the longest we have done so far.

I do feel incredibly nervous about handing over the key to C but also very excited. It will truly put her in control of my ability to orgasm. This is the point I have been striving to reach and we’re almost there. I wonder where we’ll be going next.

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9 Comments on “Anniversary plans”

  1. Tim in the USA Says:


    Just my opinion……………but being locked will be one of the best things that will happen to you in life. You’ll be a better man, father, and definitely a better husband. If you’re naturally submissive to C this will help. Chastity is your gift to her.


    • acaptivatedman Says:


      I do hope you’re right (he said nervously). I know C likes the control; I’m hoping she’ll grow to like the device.

  2. thumper Says:

    If you’re not feeling any pain at night, then you’ve probably got too large a ring on or too big a spacer (or both). I’m not saying you’re *supposed* to be miserable, but the only times I didn’t feel any discomfort at night were when the device was fitted poorly and it could have been taken off quite easily. I’m also not saying you should immediately jump to a smaller ring or spacer, but that you should be thinking about that over time. Your body will change and adapt and the device will become ridiculously easy to defeat.

    The thing with security is that the device, out of the box, is never really secure. The question each of us needs to be able to answer is what balance is necessary to maintain the *deterrence* that the device provides. For me, it needs to be tighter all the way around and, yes, even hurt at night. But that’s just me. YMMV.

    And I agree with Tim. This is just the start of a wonderful new era for you and your wife. Enjoy it!

    • acaptivatedman Says:


      Thanks for that. I haven’t really played about with the rings/spacers. At the moment it’s the largest ring and the smallest spacer. It seemed OK so I’ve stuck with it. I think, in light of your comment, I’ll have a play around tomorrow.

      Not sure how I’ll drop a ring size as the two gentlemen lie quite high and even the largest ring is a test of willpower. I understand that adaption will happen and I’m watching out for it.

      • thumper Says:

        There’s no secret, but I found I liked the device tighter rather than looser. It also helps in that it’s a smaller package in the pants. When I found it to be totally comfortable and could sleep though the night, that was my cue to drop the spacer. When the spacer got small, I’d drop the ring and increase the spacer. I think I’m currently in the tightest combination of smallest spacer and middle ring. The next smaller ring would cause my unit to drop off (if I could get it on).

  3. Billus Says:

    Well, when changing ring or spacer sizes, the most important thing obviously is to be aware of any changes in color or numbness. When I wear mine, I’m in the middle ring, smallest spacer. A few months ago the middle ring would make the ‘boys’ numb after just a few minutes. Bad sign. You will adapt, as the Borg say, but it may be a matter of weeks or months. Meanwhile keep everything pink and healthy.

    • acaptivatedman Says:

      I’ve gone down a ring size and up a spacer size and it does seem better. Less “drag” from the whole thing. It really does seem to be the case that “less is more”.

      The “boys” get a regular check-up at the moment. I have no intention of losing the two armchairs from my three-piece suite!

  4. appy Says:

    i wish you two a very happy anniversary today.

    i hope dinner and the rest of the evening will be a success for both of you.


    • acaptivatedman Says:


      Thank you. It’s tomorrow where I am but it might be today where you are (if you see what I mean).


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