Good in parts

Good in partsGoodness me, it’s been eleven days since my last post; how time flies when you’re up to your neck in parents-in-law and small children. I’m not sure which group requires the most attention. It has been the half-term holiday in the UK and the house has been filled with a succession of small boys gleefully destroying their enemies on the Playstation and demanding food and drink. We managed to get away for a short break which was pleasant but all of this activity has meant I have neglected the blog for a while.

On the chastity front it has been something of a curate’s egg. The good news is that I finally managed to stop the CB 6000 from torturing my testicle. I reverted back to the largest ring size and that, together with the swish new underwear, seemed to do the trick. I suspect that the next ring down was just on the tight side and was tending to pull the scrotal skin taut, leading to chaffing.

The less welcome news is that, after wearing the device for a few days, I thought I would seek out C’s views on the CB 6000. We have had it for a while now and I wanted to see if she was enjoying the whole chastity thing with the device since she had reservations about the need for a device when we first discussed my weird fantasies. She asked me if I wanted her to be truthful (which I did) and then told me that it does nothing for her at all.

I was a bit taken aback as she has seemed to relish the act of clicking my lock in the mornings and I was hoping she had come to enjoy the tighter control of locking me in. C said she is quite happy for me to wear it and finds clicking the lock shut “amusing” but it doesn’t turn her on at all and, as far as she is concerned, she would be perfectly satisfied without a device.

This has taken the wind out of my sails a bit. I think I had assumed that she would come to enjoy greater control and, I guess, I was hoping it would bring out a more sexually dominant side of her. The reality appears to be that she is not interested in developing this theme and I have to admit that it is a bit of a disappointment. There doesn’t seem to be much point in submitting to the (admittedly fairly minor) inconvenience of wearing the CB 6000 when I am doing so only for my own amusement. C hasn’t really got into the idea of tease and denial and I find it difficult to discuss at the moment as I fear I am beginning to sound like a one-track record.

I have decided to abandon the CB 6000 for the moment, continue with voluntary chastity, take things slowly and see what develops. The initial rush of excitement after discovering the concept of male chastity has made me a bit obsessive and I think I need to calm down and see how C wants to play things.

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2 Comments on “Good in parts”

  1. Billus Says:

    It’s an all-too-common dilemma; the husband finds chastity, obsesses about it, but the wife is indifferent. For those of us who are not into a full-blown kink, but just want to spice up a humdrum vanilla love life, it’s difficult to reconcile what we want with what we hear. From your own first post in this blog:

    “Sex between us was an occasional and predictable event – I would go down on her until she came, she would give me a blow job, we would fuck in the missionary position until I came and then we would go to sleep. Intimacy between us was missing;”

    Of course, as Tom Allen points, out, locking a hunk of plastic on your dangly bits will not improve a relationship. But it can make it more fun again, at least for one of us in the relationship.

    Sadly, I wish I had an answer for you. If it’s any comfort, at least you’re not alone. My own wife enjoys me wearing a CB, but she’d be probably just as happy if I didn’t wear it at all. Even though I got one for both of us to benefit from it, more often than not I wear it on my own to keep me from jerking off.

    • acaptivatedman Says:

      Hi Billus,

      I don’t think I’m looking for an answer. In a way, the whole episode, to date, has improved our relationship. The problem is that I pre-write the scenario and feel let down when it’s not what happens. C really enjoyed being a domme in a play way and, I think, will grow into playing a bit more. I’m just going to calm down and leave things to her for a while.

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