Staying engaged

Foot jobI’ve been feeling rather flat for the last week or so. Not depressed but, rather, empty. I feel better now but I have been trying to work out why I was feeling that way. It’s not because the CB 6000 is languishing in the drawer; that is a disappointment but we are still playing with chastity and I haven’t lost hope that C will return to it eventually. I think the main problem has been that chastity seems to have become an excuse for ignoring sex.

I’m now on day seventeen of anorgasmia and, until two days ago, C and I had not enjoyed any kind of sexual contact for that entire period. Despite the fact that C can demand any kind of relief she wishes while denying me, she had, in fact, remained equally chaste. She hasn’t even demanded a foot-rub (and she’s very keen on those). I find it strange that she doesn’t take greater advantage of the situation. If the roles were reversed she would be doomed to never-ending blow-jobs!

For my part, I would normally be all over her after a week or so but I seem to have been dissociated from sexual feeling. I have been trying, for a while, to get myself properly into the mindset that C is in charge (particularly with a view to not bothering her or whining) and I think I may well have succeeded. Unless C makes a move, I’m in chastity and that’s that.

I have no idea how long this feeling would have persisted but I was thrown when, out of the blue, C asked me if I had started masturbating again. I was pretty indignant in my response but when I asked why she had asked the question she told me that it was because I hadn’t been all over her! I couldn’t believe it.

She had to go to work so we didn’t have a chance to talk about it at that point and, indeed, the matter was not raised until the next morning. C had a day off and had decided to have a lie down in the morning. I went up to see if she wanted anything and she looked so sweet that I couldn’t resist seducing her into enjoying a bit of devoted oral attention from me.

After she had come, she eyed up the rather prominent bulge in my trousers. “You wouldn’t have that problem if you were still in your cock cage” she said. “I know, but you don’t like it” I replied. “Hmm, but I quite like this” and she began rubbing her foot over the bulge. Within about thirty seconds I was groaning and ready to jump her bones. C took her foot away. “That will do I think” she said. “You can go now”.

That interlude completely shook me out of my apathy. I was (and remain) as horny as hell and it’s much better. We had a chat about the situation and I explained that, if she liked being in charge (she confirmed that she does) then she had to take some responsibility for keeping me engaged with her. The CB 6000 took some of the onus off her because the mere presence of the device was a reminder of my state and it’s clear to me that I need a reminder.

With a newly invigorated outlook, I went to read some of the blogs I enjoy on the subject of chastity and, blow me, if Thumper hadn’t posted this. It sounds very similar to the way I was feeling and induced me to write this post. I hope you’re on your way back to the good times Thumper.

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One Comment on “Staying engaged”

  1. hersforever Says:

    “The CB 6000 took some of the onus off her because the mere presence of the device was a reminder of my state and it’s clear to me that I need a reminder.”

    I tend to feel that way about my belt. I was out for a while because we were living with my parents, waiting for our home purchase to be complete, and found that it was all too easy to forget our arrangement. I went under voluntary lockup and found, within a day, that I was back on track and in focus. After that I gave her back the key and it was a welcome return to the status quo.

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