Spit or swallow?

Spit or swallowI locked myself into the CB 6000 yesterday. I only wore it for the day but it was like having an old friend round. I’m not sure why but I like wearing it despite the fact that it is mildly inconvenient – I still find bending to put my shoes on is a bit of a trial.

I think the mild, and quite pleasant, pressure of the device acts as a reminder that C is in control and provides a low-level background of horniness to the day. C was away and I had removed it and showered before she got back. For some reason, I didn’t want to tell her that I had been wearing it. There’s no reason not to tell her, she wouldn’t mind, but I just felt that I wanted to keep it for myself. I’ll probably wear it occasionally to keep the old body accustomed to it. Hopefully, one day, C will order it back on and we’ll be good to go.

Yesterday was day nineteen of chastity (amazing how obsessed with numbers one becomes) and, to my delight, C decided to let me come. Better still, she gave me a blow job. I lasted a lot longer than I would have believed possible after denial for almost three weeks and found myself being much more vocal than usual. Just before I came C, rather oddly, paused for a count of three then continued until I blasted off into her warm mouth.

Now, C is not a swallower; she hates the taste of sperm. For some reason, like most men I know, I would prefer it if she did swallow. It seems more intimate than buggering off, at the conclusion of activities, to spit my carefully nurtured seed down the plughole. A few weeks ago I told her that I really didn’t think the taste could be that bad and her retort was that I should try it. I told her that, theoretically, I would be happy to partake but that my willingness to do so would almost certainly disappear as soon as I had come.

This exchange had not been lost on C because the minute I came she shimmied up my body, pressed her lips against mine and injected my sperm into my mouth. Eurgh! Let me tell you, I discovered that I’m not a swallower either and she won’t be getting anymore trouble from me about that little peccadillo.*

Afterwards she asked me if I had noticed her pause. I confirmed I had and she told me she had seriously considered stopping and leaving me on the brink of orgasm. In the end her good nature won. “After all,” as she put it, “it had been a long time”.

* Incidentally, a female friend of mine once told me that the taste of sperm was like having an old, used, dishcloth in your mouth. I am now in a position to confirm this analogy. Not that I have ever had an old, used dishcloth in my mouth but the smell/taste equivalence works for me.

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5 Comments on “Spit or swallow?”

  1. thumper Says:

    That’s pretty fucking hot. JMO.

    Difficulty tying shoes. Check. Pleasant reminder. Check. Mildly inconvenient though still good to have on. Double check.

    And regarding ejaculate, I’ve always had issues with the consistency rather than the taste. It’s very mucous-like. When I’m horny, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but after the fact, it’s disgusting. The other night when Belle jacked me off, she laid there for a minute with a handful of the stuff and the thought of her perhaps smearing it on me (or worse) caused me to jump out of bed posthaste to get her something to clean up with. If she had merely ruined an orgasm, I would have preferred to lick it off her hand. Craved it, in fact. Gross, yes. But true.

    • acaptivatedman Says:

      The fact that she did it was very hot – the taste, however, was not hot at all.

      I’m quite interested in experiencing a ruined orgasm but hesitant to tell C. If she got a taste for it I could be doomed.

  2. Billus Says:

    Ditto. As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy wearing mine, even with the minor problems that crop up.

    As for sperm, it’s not my favourite taste, but like Thumper, when I’m aroused, I don’t mind it at all. Afterwards I’m not very keen on it. That’s probably a very common reaction. Some people don’t enjoy the taste of other people’s sex organs, or anal openings. To each his or her own. Or someone else’s, anyway.

    • acaptivatedman Says:

      Some people don’t enjoy the taste of other people’s sex organs, or anal openings.

      Heh, I guess it depends on the identity of the other person.

      I wonder what the mechanism is that switches ones attitude post-orgasm. I’m guessing some kind of hormone release.

      Edit: Yep, looks like it’s hormonal. From Wikipedia: “The moments after orgasm are often a relaxing experience, which is attributed to the release of neurohormones oxytocin and prolactin. Male and female brains demonstrate similar changes during orgasm (by partner controlled orgasm), with brain activity scans showing a temporary reduction decrease in the metabolic activity of large parts of the cerebral cortex with normal or increased metabolic activity in the limbic areas of the brain.”

  3. moesays Says:

    So how,, i real like it. specially when she french-kissed you with your own sperm.

    in other hand, i find spitting sexier than swallowing honestly.

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