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Good vibrations

November 22, 2009

A couple of days ago I bought a Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator from LoveHoney. I’ve never heard of Tracey Cox but apparently:

“Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationships expert as well as a TV presenter. She is well-known for her TV shows on sex and relationships as well as her range of best-selling books.”

Here’s Tracey:

So, I’m expecting a Tracey Cox vibrator to be pretty hot shit! LoveHoney (like Amazon) encourage customer reviews and there were 107 reviews for this little toy. Almost all were a variation of: “small but very effective”.

We haven’t really played with toys so it was a bit of an impulse buy based on the idea that C should be enjoying herself even if I’m denied. LoveHoney were amazing – it was delivered the next day and they included a free vibrator ring thing that I haven’t looked at yet.

The vibe came with a spare battery (nice touch) and certainly is powerful. It’s about the size of a lipstick and vibrates like a washing machine on spin cycle. I thought this would do the trick and secreted it under C’s side of the bed.

As luck would have it, C decided that she wanted to be orally sorted out last night and I was able to bring the vibe into action. She almost jumped out of her skin when I ran it over her clit. Initially she was moaning like a thing possessed but it quickly became too much for her. The trouble is that it’s a one speed vibe and that speed was a bit much for C. I changed tack and used my tongue but pressed the vibe under the base of my tongue and this seemed to do the job.

After she had come, she informed me that she would be using it on me and “see how you like it”. She then told me that if I wanted to come I could “mount her”. There was a moments silence as I stared into her eyes and then we both collapsed into laughter. “I’m sorry” she giggled, “I just couldn’t think of any other way of putting it”.

So I mounted her. It was lovely.


Tease and…

October 6, 2009

Betty PagePhew, it’s been a long nine days. For nine days I have been denied, spurned, neglected, bereft. Now it’s over and, man, was it worth it.

It was one of those weeks when we were both just collapsing into bed at the end of each day, too tired for anything other than a quick kiss and sleep. As the week went by, I started feeling like a little more than a peck on the lips but things just didn’t pan out that way. By the time we were hitting day nine, I was getting desperate and increasingly determined that C and I would do more than just cuddle even if I had to superglue her eyes open. Things were looking good: C made a teasing remark as she left for work and the old hormones started kicking in.

Then, at lunchtime, tragedy struck. C rang me to ask if I could take some tampons to her place of work. She thought she was about to start her period.

This, my friends, was very bad news. C has no interest at all in matters sexual when she’s “up on blocks”. I can’t say I blame her as she gets really unpleasant cramps and generally has a pretty bad time for five days. I’m lucky that she doesn’t turn into the PMT monster but it’s not a lot of fun for her.

From my selfish point of view, it was going to push anorgasmia to two whole weeks; a little longer than I had in mind right now. Oh well, it would be a test of willpower and fortitude. Mentally girding my loins, I prepared for the desert of denial.

We climbed into bed last night and I picked up my book to read for ten minutes. C’s hand crept over and her fingers gently cupped my balls. “False alarm” she said. “I haven’t started yet.”

She then proceeded to give me the most teasing hand/blow job I think I have ever had. Some time ago I showed C a video of Klixen giving one of her incredible hand jobs (NSFW) and C had decided to try the technique out. As a technique, I have to say, it’s a winner. C slowly and relentlessly brought me to the edge of orgasm then, just as I was on the very brink of coming, she looked me in the eyes, took her hands off my cock and said “I think that will do for tonight”.

I was absolutely gutted. I think I whimpered and I must have looked as pathetically desolate as I felt because she laughed and pulled me onto her. As I entered her she whispered “You ought to watch what you wish for. Next time I’m not going to take pity on you”.

It was fantastic.

Porn and I

October 2, 2009

All men are therapistsI have a rather ambivalent attitude to porn. On the one hand, I can appreciate why many people find it dehumanising and degrading; on the other, it has been a trusty masturbatory companion for many years.

I can still remember the eye-popping occasion when one of my best friends showed me his father’s “secret” porn stash. This was serious, hard-core pornography, not the kind of thing that was easily available in 1973 in my quiet home town. We were 14 years old. Up until that point, my only experience of porn had been the odd Penthouse or Men Only magazine sniggered over in the school yard.

I can remember looking at the pictures with awe. Women drooling over massive erections, being penetrated in every available orifice and giving every indication of thoroughly enjoying it. Those pictures were etched into my brain and stayed with me for many months as a mental slideshow during the serious business of pubescent masturbation.

Later, at university, I was exposed to alternative views on the acceptability of porn. Andrea Dworkin was popular with many feminist students and they espoused her position that pornography is a tool by which men control, objectify, and subjugate women. I could understand (and even, to some extent, agree with) their view but, by now, I had my own secret porn stash that I used as an aid to masturbation and I didn’t really think that I was subjugating anyone even if I did feel slightly guilty once the deed was done.

The Internet, of course, has brought hard-core porn to the masses and, like many others, I had a sub-section of bookmarks that linked to a few favoured sites for masturbatory enjoyment. I speak in the past tense because, although the bookmarks are still there, I haven’t clicked one for well over a month.

I can’t really imagine watching porn without the underlying intention to masturbate (C is totally uninterested in porn so it’s not something we watch together) and since I can’t masturbate (or won’t, if you prefer), why watch porn? All that would happen is that I would be crippled with an erection and unable to do anything about it.

It looked like porn was off the agenda and that was just fine until yesterday.

Yesterday I was reading some of the archived material on Thumper’s site and, in one post he mentions “ruined orgasm”. He was talking about a video he had seen and he provided a link (obviously NSFW). Bloody hell! Some of that was really, really hot.

Am I going to seek out similar material? You bet I am.

I’m going to look upon it as teasing myself.

Being bratty

September 30, 2009

What a bratI’m ashamed to say that I was a bit of a brat last night.

Within the BDSM community the term “brat” is usually used to denote a submissive who is acting up or causing trouble to gain attention. This sort of behaviour is frowned upon as it is one manifestation of topping from the bottom.

Topping from the bottom, if I understand it correctly, is the situation that arises when the submissive partner in a D/s relationship attempts to manipulate the behaviour of the dominant. For example a bound submissive might tell the dominant partner that “It would be a really good idea if you whipped me now”. An experienced dom would ignore the submissive and carry on with what he/she had planned but someone less experienced might go along with the suggestion. The submissive is now controlling the scene, presumably to the detriment of both parties.

Last night, I’m sorry to say, I whined at C that I wanted her to tease me.

At the moment we seem to be running on a 7 day period of denial, then an earth-shattering release (for me) and back to 7 days of denial. Compared to some guys, 7 days seems pretty modest but it works well for us at the moment (I’m sure C has plans to extend this period that she is not sharing with me just yet).

I have noticed that for a couple of days after an orgasm I am pretty relaxed about the whole chastity thing. It doesn’t bother me and I don’t really think about it. By day 3 I am starting to get horny and this feeling just grows and grows until, by day 7, I’m a slavering puppy. The problem, for me, is that denial really means denial. There isn’t really a tease element. Occasionally, C will have me go down on her (which I love) but my cock is pretty much left alone. Later into the period of denial I don’t really mind this as I’m looking forward to release and I don’t want to jeopardise the possibility that this will happen. Around the day 3/4 mark it’s a long time to the expected release date and the todger wants some attention.

I have dropped hints to C that this is something I want her to do but, so far, it’s been very rare that any teasing happens. In all fairness, C works hard and has recently been promoted, which has increased her responsibilities, so she is tired when she gets home.

I know, I really do know that it’s C’s decision and I should just shut up and let her decide how things pan out. Unfortunately, last night was day 3 and I whined.

C was on it pretty quickly and told me to be quiet and that it was up to her what she did with her property but I could tell she was fed up that I had moaned. She went to bed early last night and was asleep when I eventually went up. This morning she was fine but I feel like an idiot. I need to remind myself that I asked C to do this and, while she seems to enjoy it, it is more work for her, not less.

I think an apology and a bit of pampering is in order tonight.